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My Ideal Design Style would be

Known for clean, sleek lines and marked by pops of solid colours with muted neutrals.
  • TimelessI
  • Luxury Elegant I
  • Rich
Minimalistic with streamlined shapes and wide open spaces, polished surface and asymmetry.
  • Clean edge I
  • Stylish I
  • Smart I
  • In Trend I
  • Luxury I
  • Sophisticated I
  • Simple
A happy mix of styles, eclectic look which are unique, creative and seemingly effortless.
  • Mix & Match I
  • Experimental I
  • Unique Collection
Dramatic in textures, colours and patterns.Tactile materials and reflective surfaces makes a statement.
  • Orante I
  • Luxury I
  • Sophisticated
Historical European influences with sophistication, order and class with mid range colour tones and muted fabrics.
  • Warm and Rich colors I
  • Indian I
  • Authentic I
  • Historic

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Keep your layout plan and room shots ready

We need the below from you

  • Floor Plan:

    If you don’t have a floor plan, you can draw the plan and specify the length,
    width and height of all the 4 walls with directions See a sample floor plan

  • Room shots:

    Upload room shots from 2 different directions
    Click here to see how to capture room shots

Browse Upload the floor plan  

Browse Upload the roomshot-Direction 1  

Browse Upload the roomshot-Direction 2  

Floor Plan Samples

  • Sample 1:
    • Draw your floor plan, including length and width
    • Our designers will ask if more details are needed before finalizing your design
Sample floor plan 1
  • Sample 2:
    • You may upload your home's floor plan instead
    • Our designers will ask to verify some measurements before finalizing the design
Sample floor plan 2

How to capture room shots

  • The image should capture at least 2 walls, ceiling, flooring, architectural elements & feature wall if any.
  • If the space is small, step outside the room to capture as many walls in the room.
  • Try to capture the image around noon or late afternoon to use natural light for better pictures. Do not use flash while capturing images.
  • Put on the Artificial lights in the room, if there is lack of natural light.
  • When capturing front elevation of a room, include the side walls for isometric view.
How to capture room shots